Our shipment cleared customs without the usual delays, so the TPU tubes are now in stock. If you’ve pre-ordered your tubes, yours will be shipped first. Stocks of some models are already low, but all sizes are still available—for now.

Production of Rene Herse TPU tubes is running at full speed—while maintaining our high quality standard, of course. However, the valves come from outside suppliers, and we are waiting for some lengths and colors. So while all tube sizes are available, we don’t have every size with the shorter 50 mm valves in black and/or polished aluminum. Please select your size and then change the valve length until you find what’s in stock.

More TPU tubes are already in production, so we hope that the shortages will soon be a thing of the past. We’ve been surprised by the demand, but we’re happy our customers are as excited as we are about the advantages:

  • Low rolling resistance: as fast as ultra-thin latex tubes; faster than butyl and tubeless
  • Ultra-light weight: 1/4 of standard butyl tubes; 1/3 of ultralight butyl tubes
  • Tiny packing volume: 1/4 of standard butyl tubes
  • Greater durability: significantly greater puncture and pinch-flat resistance than butyl tubes
  • Superb air retention: patented all-metal valves eliminate mysterious leaks that plague many TPU tubes

There’s much to like about the new TPU tubes…

More information:

  • 700C TPU tubes
  • 650B / 26″ TPU tubes
  • Real-world rolling resistance tests of TPU tubes are in the Summer 2024 Bicycle Quarterly.