Tour de Berlin Feminin cancelled due to funding issues

The highly anticipated Tour de Berlin Feminin, scheduled to take place from 2nd to 4th August 2024, has been cancelled, dealing a significant blow to German women’s cycling. The Berlin Cycling Federation (BRV) announced the decision in a statement sent to teams, citing financial constraints as the primary reason.

The BRV’s statement explained, “The event is only feasible with financial support from the city of Berlin. We have now officially received information that due to the current budgetary developments at the federal and Berlin state levels, and the associated austerity measures, no funds are available for event funding in 2024.”

The decision follows a recent resolution by the Berlin House of Representatives, implementing cost-saving measures in the departments of interior and sports. “We regret not being able to convey more positive news. After a successful start in 2023, this decision hits the BRV and the goal of promoting women’s cycling in Berlin particularly hard,” the statement continued.

Last year, the BRV reintroduced the Tour de Berlin Feminin as a 1.2 category race, concluding on Berlin’s historic Straße des 17. Juni. The race, held on 2nd July 2023, saw Swiss rider Elena Hartmann triumph as a solo winner. For 2024, the event was set to expand to a three-day format and upgrade to a 2.1 UCI race, but these plans have now been halted.

With the cancellation, Germany’s only remaining UCI women’s race, apart from the Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour, is the Women’s Cycling Grand Prix Stuttgart & Region. This race, newly established in 2023, will be held on 15th September this year and has been upgraded to a 1.Pro category, following its debut as a 1.2 race. This prestigious event will take place just one day after the Women’s European Road Championships in Belgium.

The backdrop of this decision is particularly poignant given the recent surge in popularity and support for women’s cycling. The Tour de Berlin Feminin aimed to capitalise on this momentum, inspired by the long-standing success of the Thüringen Ladies Tour. However, the lack of financial backing has brought these aspirations to an abrupt halt.