The biking neighborhood is eagerly awaiting the Tour of Flanders this Sunday, with focus firmly on Puck Pieterse and Shirin van Anrooij following their strong performances leading up to one of cycling&#8217s most esteemed races. Talking with Wielerflits, they provided insights into their preparing and system, promising an exciting level of competition.

Pieterse, buoyed by recent podium finishes, shared her feelings on the predicted race dynamics at the Tour of Flanders. She pinpointed the importance of staff tactics, precisely noting the influence of groups like Lidl-Trek and SD Worx. Pieterse&#8217s being familiar with of the importance of teamwork in breakaways and her readiness primarily based on thorough preparing reveal she is properly-geared up to goal for a best place in the race.

Furthermore, Pieterse is not just centered on the immediate race she has her eyes set on competing in mountain biking at the Paris Olympics, showcasing her ambition to excel throughout various biking disciplines.

Shirin van Anrooij

Van Anrooij, deemed a dark horse for the victory, talked about her crew&#8217s prepare to assistance their chief Balsamo though also highlighting her have excellent sort. Van Anrooij&#8217s readiness to consider benefit of the race scenario indicates she could engage in a vital role, possibly even difficult for the earn.

As the Tour of Flanders ways, equally Pieterse and Van Anrooij are planning for a race that needs talent, system, and team coordination. Pieterse is aiming to convert her string of podium finishes into a standout result, whilst Van Anrooij is looking to verify herself as a formidable competitor in her individual right.

With the race just close to the corner, the insights from Pieterse and Van Anrooij, shared with Wielerflits, amplify the anticipation for this yr&#8217s Tour of Flanders. Their strategic preparations and aim on this race emphasize its significance in their respective cycling professions.