Omloop van het Hageland has had its last edition

The Omloop van het Hageland, a staple in women’s cycling since 2005, will no longer be part of the racing calendar. Organisers Cycling Team Tilt vzw have decided to discontinue the race, which traditionally took place in February or March, marking the start of the Flemish cycling season along with Omloop het Nieuwsblad.

Notable winners of the race include Lorena Wiebes, who won twice, and Marta Bastianelli, who holds the record with three victories. The final winner will be American Kristen Faulkner, who claimed victory on 25 February this year in the 16th and last edition of the race.

Roger Nolmans, the chairman of the organising committee, explained the decision: “Due to the withdrawal of some key members within the organisation, the pressure on the remaining members became too great for such an event. The responsibilities, safety, and stricter conditions required for a professional cycling race, even for women, could no longer be justified by the renewed board. We want to be honest with ourselves and especially with our partners who have grown with us in this beautiful journey over the past years.”

The organisers added, “Cycling Team Tilt vzw has, after long and thorough consideration, decided to cease further organisation of the Omloop van het Hageland. The withdrawal of some almost indispensable members of the organisation—members who could not be replaced in time—placed too much pressure on the remaining team for such an event. We want to be honest with ourselves, but especially with our partners who have grown with us in this beautiful story, which even led to live broadcasts of our race on national and international platforms!”

Nolmans highlighted the new focus for the team: “The team will now focus on several regional events per year. This way, the new members of the board can grow into their roles, and the club can continue to ensure that young people can practice their beloved sport.”

While Omloop van het Hageland will no longer take place, the Dwars door het Hageland, organised by a different committee, is scheduled for this weekend.

Main photo credits: Cor Vos