We’re excited to announce a few new products in the Rene Herse program. For a while now, we’ve been working with Schmidt in Germany, the makers of SON generator hubs and Edelux headlights, to make a taillight that mounts in various places on a bike. The result is this taillight that mounts on a GoPro mount.

GoPro mounts are incredibly versatile—designed to mount your camera in many locations. That also makes them ideal for mounting a taillight. SON now offers their taillight to fit directly on a GoPro mount. The taillight can also be adapted for mounting on rack or fender eyelets and many other locations. For now, supplies are limited, because these are made in small numbers. If this model is popular, it’ll probably become part of the regular program.

The Busch & Müller μ (‘mu’ which stands for ‘Micro’) is the smallest taillight that is legal in Germany—meaning it provides full visibility. It features an aluminum housing, a powerful LED, and a standlight. The black version has been in the program for a while, but we now also have it with the aluminum housing in silver.

The ‘My,’ as it’s affectionally know, is another excellent light that can be mounted in many locations. The light comes with two mounts: one attaches to your bike’s rear fender, the other clamps to the seatstay. Or you can directly mount it, as shown above.

We’ve also added a few parts as a result of customer suggestions on our website. Several customers asked for spare clips for their NUDA and NANA pumps, so they can use their pump on several bikes. We now offer the clips as a spare part.

Many Rene Herse and Nitto racks use adjustable struts, so they fit on a large variety of bikes. Eyebolts hold these struts securely and without flex, making the racks functionally as good as a rack that’s custom-built for the frame/fork.

Some customers have asked whether they can get these 7 mm eyebolts for special projects. Others have misplaced their bolts. We now offer them as spare parts.

Setting the toe-in of cantilever or centerpull brakes by bending the arms is an elegant and permanent solution. You do it once, and you never have to think about it again. There’s no need to fiddle with washers every time you replace your brake pads. To clamp the brake arm in your vise, our friend Peter Weigle, the framebuilder from Connecticut, devised a simple tool that protects the brake’s finish. He suggested we make it available to our customers, so here it is…

We also have some ETAs for out-of-stock parts:

  • TPU tubes are on the way. We should have them in a few days.
  • Limited Edition 85th anniversary tires are expected in about a week. You can pre-orders yours now.
  • UD racks and racks for cantilever brakes will arrive in mid-May.
  • Generator hubs will be restocked in mid-May as well.

For information on the new parts, click on the images above or use the links below:

  • Lights in the Rene Herse program
  • Bolts and Spare Parts
  • Tools
  • Tires and tubes