Excitement mounts as the distinctive leaders’ jerseys for the 2024 Ford RideLondon Classique were unveiled today by Le Col, the Official Performance Apparel Partner. These four jerseys, each meticulously crafted, will be awarded to the classification leaders during the race from Friday 24 May to Sunday 26 May.

The race will witness fierce competition among the world’s top female cyclists, as they traverse through Essex, London, Hertfordshire, and Cambridgeshire over three thrilling days. With teams like Team SD Worx-Protime, Lidl Trek, and UAE Team ADQ in the mix, the battle for these prestigious jerseys promises to be intense.

The reigning champions, Lorena Wiebes and Charlotte Kool are expected to be among the frontrunners vying for the coveted royal blue jersey, symbolising the overall race leader.

A notable addition to this year’s race is the orange Queen of the Mountains (QoM) jersey, awarded to the rider amassing the most points across six climbs. Riders will also contend for intermediate bonus seconds on Stages One and Two, providing an extra dimension to the race.

Stage One features three opportunities for QoM points, while Stage Two offers three more, presenting riders with strategic challenges and opportunities for advancement.

In addition to the QoM jersey, the pink Sprints leader’s jersey awaits the rider accumulating the most points at intermediate sprints and finish lines. Stage One sees sprints in Halstead and Mistley, while Stage Two features sprints at Wickham Bishops.

The white jersey, reserved for the Best Young Rider under 23, adds another layer of competition to the event, recognising emerging talent in the sport.

Le Col, in addition to designing the leaders’ jerseys, has introduced an exclusive Ford RideLondon apparel range, available for purchase on their website.