After a severe crash in the Tour of Flanders that resulted in multiple injuries, Marlen Reusser is back on her bike, racing with renewed vigour and focus on the Spanish cycling block. Reusser, who suffered from a broken jaw, both ear canals, and several teeth, shared her rehabilitation journey and her return to competitive cycling.

“Of course, I still face some challenges after my heavy crash, but I’m currently focusing fully on the Spanish races. I’m excited to be competing again,” Reusser stated, reflecting her resilience and determination to return to her previous form.

In the Vuelta Femenina, Reusser started with high expectations for herself, which she later adjusted to support her teammates, Demi Vollering and Niamh Fisher-Black, in the general classification. “After a challenging spring, I had to reassess my goals and chose to support my team instead, which has also been excellent training for me,” she explained.

Reusser reminisced about her victory in last year’s Itzulia, where she played a crucial role in supporting Vollering before taking a lead herself in a strategic move that secured her the classification win. “It remains a special moment, and winning Itzulia again would be fantastic, though it’s hard to say right now,” she noted.

Marlen Reusser

Looking ahead, Reusser has her sights set on the Tour de Suisse and the Giro Donne, with plans for altitude training in Switzerland between competitions. “The training I’ve done in the Vuelta has definitely helped me get back to a higher level. I’m optimistic about what we can achieve in the upcoming races,” she added confidently.

As the season progresses, Reusser remains a vital part of her team’s strategy, her experience and strength invaluable as they aim for more success in the highly competitive Women’s WorldTour.