Kim Cadzow has solidified her future with EF Education-Cannondale by extending her contract following a standout 2024 season. The 22-year-old New Zealander has already made significant waves in her second full professional season, securing victories in the New Zealand time trial national championship and the Trofeo Ponente in Rosa.

Cadzow has also been selected for the New Zealand Olympic squad, set to compete in both the road race and time trial. This announcement comes as she continues to surpass her own and her team’s expectations for growth and performance.

“I’m developing a lot faster than I thought I would, especially compared to last year,” Cadzow remarked. “I’m amazed at how quickly things are happening. In terms of bike handling and technique, I’ve grown a lot.”

General Manager Esra Tromp praised Cadzow’s rapid progress and dedication. “When I first met Kim, she was extremely new to the sport and had only done some small races,” Tromp explained. “I saw a really ambitious rider who wanted to discover herself on the bike. Kim had the ability to work hard and impressive physical capabilities. We knew that from there, she could learn and develop.”

Kim Cadzow during the 2022 Tour Series

Since joining the team, Cadzow has been diligent in improving her technical skills, particularly bike handling and cornering, which are crucial for navigating the peloton. Tromp noted, “This year, Kim has already made a big step. She is more comfortable in the bunch and can now think about tactics during races. She’s grown a lot as a person and is ready to invest in her own career.”

Cadzow credits the team environment for her swift development, describing it as a supportive and fun atmosphere. “What’s awesome about this team is the group that’s around me at dinner. We have a laugh on and off the bike. We always back each other and we expect each other to do their best, but whatever happens, we’re always there to support each other,” she said.

Reflecting on her journey, Cadzow expressed gratitude towards Tromp for her continued support. “I really didn’t know if I wanted to keep racing before this season. Esra was the one who took me on and gave me a second chance. Now that I’ve had this opportunity to race with EF Education-Cannondale, I realise how much I love it. I’m so thankful she brought me here.”

Looking ahead, Cadzow remains focused on her development and future goals. “I want to keep going how I’ve been going! I don’t want to change anything and that is exactly why I’ve re-signed with the team. I just keep focusing on my technique, my training, and learning and I think results will come from that,” she said. “I want to learn how to be a GC rider in the future and learn how to better cope with fatigue.”