Katia Ragusa Renews Contract with Human Powered Health Cycling

Classics specialist Katia Ragusa has signed a contract extension with Human Powered Health Cycling, committing to the team until the end of 2026. Ragusa, renowned for her performances in one-day races, expressed her satisfaction with the team environment and her eagerness to contribute to its continued success. She joins Romy Kasper in signing a new deal recently.

“I feel really at home in this team,” Ragusa commented. “I’m delighted to continue showcasing my abilities and being part of an environment that fosters relaxation and focus, enabling me to reach my full potential.”

Ragusa’s recent achievements include clinching the mountains standings victory at the Tour Down Under, demonstrating her versatility as a rider. Reflecting on her journey with the team, Ragusa highlighted the strong camaraderie and support among teammates and staff.

“The first part of the season with the team was fantastic,” Ragusa said. “From the winter, when I first joined the training camp, I immediately felt welcomed by both the riders and the staff. We quickly established a cohesive team dynamic, which I’ve never experienced before, making it the perfect environment for me.”

With nearly a decade of professional experience, Ragusa closely aligns with Human Powered Health’s Pillars of Performance, which focuses on movement, fuel, mindset, and recovery. She stressed the importance of these pillars in her daily routine and appreciated the team’s holistic approach to athlete development.

“The Pillars of Performance are integral to my daily routine, particularly recovery, which I’ve gained a deeper understanding of this season,” she explained. “I’ve never been part of a team that prioritises all these aspects, so it’s truly special because we’re not just athletes; we’re also valued as individuals.”

Looking ahead, Ragusa aims to excel in stage races, leveraging her expertise in climbing to contribute to the team’s success on diverse terrain. As she transitions from the Classics to stage races, Ragusa remains focused on maintaining her fitness and mental resilience, supported by the team’s comprehensive approach to athlete well-being.