In a planet exactly where races are received and shed by milliseconds, marginal gains make any difference.

Here at Wheelbase, we now offer the comprehensive Muc Off Chain Optimisation process. Prepared to take your drivetrain to the subsequent amount in conditions of effectiveness, efficiency and longevity.

Muc Off’s most recent innovation provides professional-peloton electric power to your bicycle. In our workshop we now have Muc Off’s Ultrasonic Tanks, which are made to clean and lube your chain, utilizing the exact engineering and system as the finest racers and teams on the world, creating unbeatable general performance gains.

Its a prevalent misunderstanding that a new chain is going to be more rapidly than a employed just one. This is seldom the case, especially if that applied chain has been optimised.

So how does the method function and what is to be gained in a Muc Off ‘optimised chain’?

1st Step – THE MUC OFF Significant-Functionality ULTRASONIC CHAIN CLEANER

The best grime killer in the small business! The Substantial-Effectiveness Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is a professional-strength cleaner that presents chains a further thoroughly clean than ever right before. It promptly breaks down the stickiest oils, grease and grime, offering your chain a finish refresh. Its the initial stage in improving chain performance, by leaving a spotless, friction-totally free surface for your new Muc-Off lube to get the job done its magic on so your drivetrain operates extra effectively, for for a longer period!


2nd Action – Bring THE Warmth

For the lubrication approach, you have two possibilities, The Ludicrous AF or Hydrodynamic lube. Both of which are gently heated to the precise temperature required to develop the optimum viscosity for the lube to penetrate deep into all get in touch with factors within the chain links. The lubricants by themselves consist of organic and natural friction modifiers, which with their polarised heads and non-polarised tails, attach them selves to possibly facet of the foundation oils area to variety a minimal-friction shear aircraft. Its this mixture of formulation and software which decreases friction, will increase the amount of money of watts making it through your drivetrain, and to your rear wheel. The final result? A lot more pace!


Analyzed and refined in excess of the last a few several years by the industrys main gurus, Ludicrous AF has been professional-peloton-permitted for getting chain optimisation to an solely new amount. Many thanks to the epic condition-of-the-artwork R&D facility, Muc-Off have established a real masterpiece an extremely-minimal-friction, highly sturdy lube which will allow you to go more challenging and speedier for for a longer period than ever ahead of. The Ludicrous Lube is an suitable option for the road rider wanting for that aggressive gain, not really as sturdy as the Hydrodynamic Lube, but in dry disorders it presents enhanced functionality.


The Hydrodynamic lube strikes the perfect balance among speed and durability, so you can go whole fuel for more time. Hand blended in the British isles, it employs a synergistic mix of esters put together with aerospace-good quality oil lubrication and ground-breaking extreme pressure additives, to build a superior-power, film-forming lubricant, that prevents metallic-to-metal don at peak overall performance, no make a difference how tricky youre pushing! The hydrodynamic lube is slightly more resilient than the ludicrous lube, ideal for the wetter situations we knowledge in the United kingdom and excellent for the Mountain Biker seeking for that edge on the competitors.


THE Final results

Info is king when it comes to drivetrain optimisation. Muc Off labored with an elite triathlete of BMC Pro-Triathlon throughout the R&D approach for their Ultrasonic Chain Optimisation, developing a chain that took them to the leading phase of the podium. They examined various chains within just the identical drivetrain, swapping out the existing chain for a new and Muc Off optimised a person. The Muc Off system delivered a 50% reduction in power reduction, shown in the facts beneath, which made a 2nd put complete at an IRONMAN event.

The chain was returned to Muc Off for more optimisation (the same initial techniques, just repeated). This time the co-efficient of friction was reduced by a more 10%, aiding produce victory their upcoming IRONMAN. They even squeezed a further 5% out of the chain adhering to that function! The compound influence of the optimisation course of action indicates the chain simply keeps finding more rapidly just about every time the method is used.


You may perhaps imagine that the pursuit of speed, arrives at the expenditure of the environment. Not at Muc-Off.

All their products and solutions are developed with sustainability crafted in, so their Significant-Overall performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is commonly biodegradable, Ludicrous AF is produced of 75% plant-based resources, and Hydrodynamic lube is petroleum-totally free! The Ultrasonic Tanks permit for the protected disposal of any liquids, so you can practical experience all the velocity, devoid of worrying about the environmental impact.

Also, ultrasonically deep cleansing and lubricating your drivetrain suggests pricey componentry will previous extended, minimising waste and even further lowering your environmental footprint.



25 for the total Hydrodynamic Lube system

50 for the full Ludicrous Lube course of action