Filippo Ganna secures fifth Italian National time trial title

Filippo Ganna clinched his fifth Italian National time trial title on the 35.1km course in Grosseto, Tuscany. With temperatures soaring, Ganna finished in 39:17, securing a 23-second lead over Edoardo Affini, and Filippo Baroncini rounded out the podium, trailing by 54 seconds.

Ganna expressed the challenge posed by the intense heat, recalling a similar situation in Faenza in 2021 where he was beaten by his brother-in-law Matteo Sobrero. “I started too fast, it was planned to overpace to see what would happen,” Ganna said, reflecting on his strategy. He admitted, “I struggled a bit towards the end but managed to keep a good rhythm.”

The victory serves as a critical step in his preparation for the upcoming Olympics in Paris. Ganna noted, “We’re also working on the materials. Practically everything is ready, we’re just waiting for the new bike.” This win was his last long time trial before the Olympics, with future simulations planned at home.

Despite a strong start, Ganna faced difficulties adapting to the heat after returning from altitude training. “I spent a week at home, but I couldn’t adapt well to the heat, and I suffered a bit today,” he said. However, he maintained that the day’s performance was a positive step in his training regime, “It’s a good approach, we’ll continue like this and see how we arrive.”

The preparation extends beyond the time trial as Ganna and his team gear up for the Olympic team pursuit. “We know what to expect – the efforts and training needed,” he explained. The team has been working closely to optimise their performance, balancing between individual and team goals.

Ganna also discussed the absence of his coach Dario Cioni, who will be supporting Joshua Tarling in Paris. “We have a good relationship, and we’ve already discussed this. There will be an excellent staff with me, and we’ll always try to do our best,” he said. He acknowledged that competitors like Remco Evenepoel and Wout van Aert could pose significant challenges.

2024 Italian National TT Championship Men result

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