Ellen van Dijk Visits Hospital After Crash in Vuelta Femenina Team Time Trial

In a tense conclusion to the team time trial at La Vuelta Femenina, Dutch cyclist Ellen van Dijk suffered a crash that led to immediate medical attention. The incident occurred in the final corner of the course in Valencia, where Van Dijk, riding for Lidl-Trek, lost control and fell. The fall resulted in injuries that necessitated a visit to the hospital to rule out any fractures.

According to Lidl-Trek’s statement, Van Dijk sustained injuries to her chin, which required stitches, and also suffered impacts to her right shoulder and left knee. Despite the crash, there was no indication of a concussion, but the extent of her injuries and her participation in upcoming stages remains uncertain. The team emphasised that her trip to the hospital was a precautionary measure to ensure there were no serious underlying issues.

Lidl-Trek still managed to claim victory in the time trial despite the accident. The race was fiercely competitive, with the top eight teams finishing within just fifteen seconds of each other. Lidl-Trek edged out Visma-Lease a Bike by a mere two-hundredths of a second to take the win.

Later in the evening, the team confirmed that while Van Dijk was shaken, the injuries were not as severe as first feared. “After crashing in the TTT, Ellen has a wound on her chin which will require stitches, as well as blows to her right shoulder and left knee,” the team reported at 5:09 PM. They reassured fans that there was no sign of concussion.

At around 9 PM, Van Dijk herself took to social media to update her followers, expressing both disappointment and pride. “Not the way I wanted to end our #LaVueltaFemenina TTT but super proud of this win and of everyone’s efforts out there today,” she posted. She thanked her supporters and confirmed that, fortunately, nothing was broken, although she did require stitches.

A relatively unknown rule sees Van Dijk able to sit in 7th place on GC overnight despite the crash. Whilst Ellen van Dijk did eventually cross the line, it was around 3 minutes after winner Gaia Realini did. Because the crash occurred in the final 1km of the team time trial the commissaires are able to add a rider to the final results with the same time as the teammates she was with at the time.

In the case of a duly noted fall, puncture or mechanical incident beyond the red triangle in a team time trial stage, the rider or riders involved shall be credited with the time of the teammate(s) in whose company he was/they were riding at the moment of the incident.
If, as the result of a duly noted fall beyond the red triangle, a rider cannot cross the finishing line, he shall be credited with the time of the teammate(s) in whose company he was riding at the time of the accident.
This article shall not apply where the finish is at the top of a hill-climb.
Decisions related to this article are taken independently by the commissaires’ panel

Main photo credit: Getty Images