Demi Vollering discusses Van der Breggen’s return at Dutch national championships

Demi Vollering has experienced remarkable success in recent years, largely under the guidance of her coach Anna van der Breggen. Vollering, who triumphed in the 2023 Tour de France, now faces a unique situation as Van der Breggen prepares to return to the peloton as a rider.

Van der Breggen, who will become one of the leading figures for SD Worx, possesses in-depth knowledge about Vollering. The duo has worked closely together for over a year and a half, with Van der Breggen witnessing Vollering’s victories, including her decisive win in the Tour de France where Annemiek van Vleuten was defeated.

Despite the potential for a delicate dynamic, Vollering expressed enthusiasm about Van der Breggen’s return to racing. “This is great for cycling. Anna has been out for three years, which is significant, so I am curious to see how she will fare. For me, it was quite surprising, although I did notice she had been riding more frequently lately. I thought perhaps it was starting to itch for her again.”

Vollering expects the upcoming period to be interesting given their shared insights. “If she rides with us in the SD Worx team, she can still keep up well. It will be fascinating because she knows a lot about me. But I also know a lot about her, as she will train herself next year the way she trains me. In that respect, I think we are somewhat equal.”

The critical question remains: will Van der Breggen continue to coach Vollering? Vollering affirmed, “At least until the Tour de France. I don’t like to change coaches now because each coach works differently. For the time being, Anna will remain my coach.”