Charlotte Bravard departs St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 role

Charlotte Bravard has left her role as directeur sportif of the St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 women’s team as of Monday morning. Speaking to DirectVelo, the former French Champion cited a disagreement with the team as her reason for departure. “I am leaving because I no longer agree with the team,” she stated.

Her final race with the team was marked by a victory for Marion Bunel at the Alpes Grésivaudan Classic. Bravard expressed her satisfaction, saying, “I am happy for Marion that it materialised. She had a good start to the season, then it became a bit more difficult, so I am delighted that she won and in such a beautiful manner. She triumphed with a 1’40’’ lead over Evita Muzic and Julie Bego, who are notable competitors. I hope this will be the breakthrough for the rest of her season. There is a lot of emotion. I have taken care of her. I am pleased that it ends beautifully.”

Bravard joined Auber 93 as a rider in 2020, when the team was in the highest French national category, before transitioning to directeur sportif the following year. She also managed the men’s team during her tenure.

In a Twitter exchange following the news, Bravard and Maelle Grossetete traded barbs, hinting at underlying tensions within the team. Grossetete posted a laughing emoji and a gust of wind with a quote of a Bravard tweet from 2022, to which Bravard responded, “Do you have a problem???” Grossetete retorted, “Are you going to pull my hair? Or manipulate me?” Bravard fired back, “Excuse me??? Stop it because with your stories, you should be quiet, Maëlle. It’s not my partner who told her teammates that you hid her passport to prevent her from going to a race.” [Maelle Grossetete’s partner is Margot Pompanon who races for St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93]

Grossetete replied with a sarcastic, “Yes, I am a passport eater,” followed by several laughing emojis. Bravard concluded the exchange with, “I leave with no bitterness! My goal is not to show off on social media. I am going to have a second child, and I am past the sandbox stories! Thank you and all the best!”

The team has been approached for a comment but is currently unable to provide one. Further updates are expected in due course.