In an exciting development, British Cycling has launched the latest iteration of their cutting-edge track bike, set to propel Great Britain’s cyclists to glory at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Crafted through a collaboration between British engineering prowess and the expertise of the Great Britain Cycling Team, this bike promises to uphold the nation’s distinguished record of success on the track.

Building upon the triumph of the Tokyo track bike, the new model boasts significant advancements, thanks to partnerships with leaders in equipment technology such as Lotus Engineering, Renishaw, and Hope Technology. Standout features include a 3D-printed Renishaw titanium crank, a unique Lotus trailing-edged fork, aerodynamically optimised handlebars, and the Hope HBT Paris frame, all meticulously designed to harmonise with the rider for maximum performance.

Stephen Park CBE, Performance Director of the Great Britain Cycling Team, expressed pride in British Cycling’s legacy of innovation, asserting their commitment to pushing the boundaries of track bike technology. Mark Stringer, Commercial Director at Lotus Engineering, highlighted the fruitful collaboration between Lotus and British Cycling, aiming to enhance performance and engineering excellence.

Renishaw’s Lead Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer, Ben Collins, emphasised the role of additive manufacturing in refining the bike’s design, delivering lightweight yet robust components tailored to Olympic standards. Ian Weatherill, Director of Hope Technology, underscored the close partnership between Hope and British Cycling, rooted in Lancashire, and expressed optimism for positive outcomes in Paris.

The development of the Hope-Lotus track bike owes much to the support of UK Sport and National Lottery funding, as well as the collaboration with the UK Sports Institute, reflecting a comprehensive approach to research and development encompassing aerodynamics and ergonomics. As the countdown to Paris 2024 continues, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of this cutting-edge track bike on the world stage.