The Tour de Feminin is one of those races that has quietly been around forever. Held in Czechia, the race can be traced back to at least 1988 with Czech and Slovak winners for the first few years. Sandra Schumacher broke new ground in 1993 by becoming the first foreign rider to take a GC win. It reached the UCI ranks in 1996 and started to see bigger names take part. The legendary Hanka Kupfernagel won 4 times to close out the 1990s before handing the baton onto Trixi Worrack with a pair of wins and a pair of 2nd places to her name.

Amanda Spratt won in 2011 and Aussies took a liking to the race at that point with Carla Ryan 2nd the following year and Amy Cure winning in 2013 ahead of Emma Pooley. In the modern era, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig won in 2016 followed by Ruth Edwards, Leah Thomas, Vita Heine, Jos Lowden and Olha Kulynych rounding things out last year. There have been a couple of gaps in recent years. 2020 was struck off by Covid and 2022 saw the race decide to call itself off and come back strong in 2023.

The 2024 race is set to be 4 stages long – 3 road stages and a time trial – and will see riders spend most of their time around the town of Krasna Lipa. Riders will need to be strong against the clock but also be able to negotiate the plenty of climbing on each stage with an average of 2000 metres of ascent each day.

Lisa Brennauer wins 2019 Festival Elsy Jacobs

Which teams are racing at Tour de Feminin 2024?

  • AG Insurance-NXTG U23 Team
  • Alba Development Road Team
  • Cycleversum Women Team
  • DAS-Hutchinson-Brother UK
  • GT Krush RebelLease
  • LKT-Team
  • MAT ATOM Deweloper Wroclaw
  • Team Dukla Praha
  • A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team
  • Grouwels-Watersley R&D Road Team
  • KDM-Pack Cycling Team
  • NWVG-uplus
  • St Kilda Cycling Club
  • Team Interklima ABC Copenhagen
  • GRC Jan Van Arckel
  • WV Schijndel
  • Restore Cycling Team
  • Euromix Team

What do the Tour de Feminin route profiles look like?

Stage 1 (TT)


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Where can I watch the Tour de Feminin 2024?

In the UK – Monument Cycling will have live coverage of the last hour of racing

Text updates from the race should be found here

Stage 1: 3pm-5pm
Stage 2: 2pm-5pm
Stage 3: 2pm-5pm
Stage 4: 9am-12pm

Who are the main riders to watch?

  • Julia Kopecky
  • Febe Jooris
  • Lore De Schepper
  • Mirre Knaven
  • Maud Rijnbeek
  • Eilidh Shaw
  • Tamsin Miller
  • Vera Vilaça
  • Francesca Hall
  • Morven Yeoman
  • Femke de Vries
  • Pia Grünewald
  • Olivia Schoppe
  • Katarzyna Wilkos
  • Nikola Bajgerova
  • Xaydee Van Sinaey
  • Marieke Meert
  • Adar Shriki
  • Ursa Pintar
  • Romina Hinojosa Cruz
  • Elisa Serne
  • Manon de Boer
  • Charlotte Clarke
  • Isa Pieterse
  • Bodine Vollering
  • Florien Bolks