The GP della Liberazione Pink, takes place in the centre of Rome and is supported by Rome’s Department of Sports, Major Events, Tourism, and Fashion. Marta Bastianelli, a former world champion who retired last season, serves as the patron of this event adding some prestige that’s been running in some form for over 30 years.

Italians have locked out the win here since 2009 (with a couple of gaps in that time when the race wasn’t held) with names like Marta Bastianelli, Giorgia Bronzini, Noemie Cantele, Letizia Paternoster, Silvia Persico and most recently, Silvia Zanardi winning in that time frame. Reginas Schleicher and Diana Ziliute were the last 2 non-Italian winners and both riders won the GP della Liberazione PINK twice.

Which teams are racing at GP della Liberazione PINK 2024?

The race has received an increase to the 1.1 race category, making it perfect for teams with sprinters who are chasing UCI points.

There’s only 1 WWT team racing in the form of UAE Team ADQ. 10 more UCI Continental teams, mostly Italian but there are some exceptions in the Alba Development Road Team, Team Komugi-Grand Est and the WCC Team. We have a Ukraine national team and rounding things out are 6 club teams, including Matos Mobility-Flexaco from Portugal and St Kilda from Australia.

GP della Liberazione PINK 2024 Teams

  • Aromitalia 3T Vaiano
  • Top Girls Fassa Bortolo
  • BTC City Ljubljana Zhiraf Ambedo
  • UAE Team ADQ
  • Alba Development Road Team
  • UKR Ukraine
  • BePink-Bongioanni
  • Team Komugi-Grand Est
  • A.S.D. K2 Women Team
  • WCC Team
  • Isolmant-Premac-Vittoria
  • A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team
  • Team Mendelspeck Ge-Man
  • St Kilda Cycling Club
  • Horizons Cycling Club – Team 1971
  • A.S.D. Club Corridonia S.C.
  • Matos Mobility – Flexaco
  • Pro Cycling Team

What does the GP della Liberazione PINK 2024 route profile look like?


Where can I watch the GP della Liberazione PINK 2024?

Probably nothing live, there tends to be a recap video on RaiPlay afterwards, like this one for the 2023 race.

May be some updates or a video of the finish on the race’s Facebook page

Who are the main riders to watch?

  • Silvia Persico
  • Eleonora Gasparrini
  • Chiara Consonni
  • Federica Venturelli
  • Lara Crestanello
  • Giada Borghesi
  • Silvia Magri
  • Fariba Hashimi
  • Rasa Leleivyte
  • Giorgia Bariani
  • Elisa de Vallier
  • Diana Klimova
  • Sara Fiorin
  • Carmela Cipriani

Main photo credit: Flaviano Ossola